10 Minutes Email for TikTok: Create A TT Account Using Temp Mail

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Do you want to create a TikTok account using 10 Minutes Email, Temp Mail, or Temporary Email?

If you are looking for a solution, your search will end here with this detailed guide on creating a TikTok account using a Temporary Short Term Email. In this post, we are going to share all the possible working methods that you can use to make a TT account within a few minutes without a Gmail, Yahoo, or any other regular email address.

TikTok Overview

TikTok is the most famous social media short video streaming platform created by ByteDance and became one of the most downloaded applications on both Android and IOS App Store.

TikTok Account Creation Guide

A user can create a TikTok account in two traditional ways.

  1. Using an email address
  2. Using a phone number

1- Create A TiKTok Account Using An Email Address

This is the same way we create an account on any other social media channel, forum, etc. We use our email address to sign up for an account. Once we complete the SignUp process we get a verification email with OTP One Time Password or receive a link for verification in our email inbox.

Once you verify the OTP you can complete and upload videos on TikTok.

2- Make A TikTok Account Using Mobile Number

This is another famous method that can be used to create a TikTok account.

You can use the mobile number for the verification process instead of your email address. You need to put the OTP and it will automatically verified by the platform. You can also use the mobile number later for Sign-In.

These two are the methods that everyone is using and both ways will take time sometimes it becomes a headache because of the high load on TikTok servers.

If you want to avoid these methods we bring you another method of making an account on TikTok which is using Temp Mail.

How To Create A TikTok Account Using Temp Mail?

Follow the below steps:

  • Open https://www.10minutesemail.email
  • Choose a username to make an email address
  • Choose our domain name from the dropdown and click on Create email
  • Your Temp Mail is ready Copy it and go to the TikTok mobile app
  • Click on Create a new account and choose email for Sign-Up instead of the mobile number
  • Fill in all the details and click on Create account
  • Go back to 10 Minutes Email and check the inbox where you will receive the verification email from TikTok
  • Click on the verification link and it will redirect you to TikTok again
  • Your account will be ready and you can start uploading videos

FAQs About 10 Minutes Email for TikTok

  1. What is 10 Minutes Email for TikTok?

    10 Minutes for TikTok is a free Temporary Email service that users can use to create an account on the famous video streaming website TikTok. Normally TikTok Sign-Up need to have a regular email address or a phone number for verification purpose.

  2. Is it possible to create an account on TikTok using 10 Minutes Email or Temp Mail?

    Yes, you can create an account easily on TikTok using a 10 Minutes Email also known as Temp Mail or Temporary Email Address.

  3. Where can I get a Temp Mail free for use on TikTok?

    You can get an unlimited number of Temp Mail from here https://10minutesemail.email/

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