10 Minutes Temp Mail for Facebook: Is It Possible to Make an Account?

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If you are looking for 10 Minutes Email or Temp Mail for Facebook, you are landed in the right place.

In this post we are going to share Temp Mail For Facebook, also we will see if it is possible to create an account using Facebook or not. As we know Facebook is one of the most used social media websites around the globe with approximately 2.9 billion active users. To make an account on Facebook everyone needs an Email address which is used to Sign-Up and use to get the OTP for the verification process.

Why We Need A Facebook Account?

Well, the answer is quite simple and straight.

As an individual, we use social media for many reasons.

  1. To stay connected with our friends and family members
  2. To share our pictures, videos, and status
  3. To read news on social media
  4. To follow our favorite personality
  5. To join educational groups
  6. To learn new things and share our knowledge

Companies make their profiles on Facebook to stay connected with their customers and to reach new customers. Because there are billions of users on Facebook. Using their advertising can be beneficial for companies to reach and target new customers at cheap prices.

Celebrities also join Facebook to stay connected with their fans from all around the world.

Is It Possible To Make An Account On Facebook Using Temp Mail or 10 Minutes Temporary Email?

No, it is not possible to make a Facebook account using Temp Mail, 10 Minute Email, or any similar short-term email services. Facebook does not allow users to Sign-Up using Temp Mail. A regular email like GMAIL or YAHOO can work to make an account on FB.

Why Facebook Do Not Allow Temp Mail For Sign-Up?

Facebook is a platform where individuals, celebrities, and companies have their profiles. As the number of users increases on the platform the chances of scamming and fake account creation also increased. It is natural. But somehow FB is successfully taking down all such fake accounts. But to keep it clean and transparent they need to take some serious steps.

Also not allowing Temp Mail is one of the main reasons.

Before users started creating multiple accounts using Temp Mail, FB removed all those accounts which are not verified or accounts that do not have a proper verification method like a phone number and a personal regular email address. If you are using your personal email for Sign-Up on Facebook, you can get a verification code when you want and you can request password changes and other things. But on the other hand, if you use Temp Mail for Facebook, you will not be able to change your password, username, and other things.

Because you do not have access to the temp mail inbox once you close the window or the website where you created the 10 Minutes Temporary Email Address. So, to avoid such problems with your Facebook account it is also recommended to use a personal email address.

By using your own email, you can avoid scamming and also can get access to your account anytime from anywhere without any hassle.

Can We Use Temp Mail On Other Social Media Websites?

To use Temp Mail on other social media networks except Facebook first you need to check the rules and regulations of that website. Normally you can read all the terms and guidelines on that website.

If you are thinking of creating an account on famous social media websites like Instagram, Pinterest, or X (Previous Twitter) you cannot do that because all these websites are strict when it comes to scamming and creating fake accounts.