What is 10 Minutes Email & How To Use It?

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10 Minutes Email is a free and temporary email service provider also known as many other names like, Temp Mail, Disposable Mail, Throwaway Email, etc.

A 10 Minute Email is a service that offers temporary, disposable email addresses. As the name suggests, these email addresses are typically active for 10 minutes, although some services may offer more or less durations.

After the mentioned time, the email address expires, and any emails sent to that address are automatically deleted. This is the actual beauty of 10 Minutes Email.

Today in this digital world having an Email Address is mandatory and almost every person have an email address who have access to the internet. Emails are now become a primary mode of communication especially in professional areas like offices, schools colleges, etc.

Emails are very helpful for us but at the same time sometime it become hectic and irritating also. People who are sending useless and promotional emails to random addresses make it unprofessional.

This also cause increase in spamming and other cyber issues.

How To Use 10 Minutes Email For Free?

Follow the steps to use our free temp mail service without any hassle.

  1. Open our website https://10minutesemail.email/
  2. Enter a username on which you want to make an email
  3. Choose 10 Minutes Email from the dropdown
  4. Click on create button
  5. Your temporary email address will be ready
  6. Copy and paste anywhere you want
  7. Wait for receiving the OTP or you can use it for sending and receiving emails online

Step By Step Guide Of Using 10 Minutes Email With Images

Step 1: Open our website

10 Minutes Email With Images

Step 2: Choose a username

Step 3: Choose 10 Minutes Email from the right dropdown and click on the create button

Step 4: At this stage your 10 Minutes Email is ready to send and receive emails.

10 Minutes Email is ready

FAQs About 10 Minutes Email

  1. What is 10 Minutes Email?

    10 Minutes Email is a short-term temporary email service that lasts for 10 minutes only as stated by the name. It is also known as Temp Mail, Temporary Email, Throwaway Email, etc.

  2. How we can use 10 Minutes Email?

    To use 10 Minutes Email the process is very simple and easy. All you have to do is to go our website homepage which is https://www.10minutesemail.email/ and give the name of your email and click on the create button. Your temp mail will be ready. Is that simple.

  3. Is it Free to use the 10 Minutes Email Service?

    Yes, it is 100% free to use our email service. And you can create unlimited emails without any charge at all.

  4. Are using 10-minute emails secure?

    Yes, using a 10-minutes email is 100% secure. We do not recommend it to use as your primary email, especially on bank details and other details.

  5. Can I send emails from a 10-minute email address?

    Yes, you can send and receive emails using our 10 Minutes Email Service. Normally it will take some time to receive emails. And also it will be deleted/removed after the given time. So it is not really a good idea to use a temp mail to receive important emails.

  6. Can I extend the 10-minute duration?

    It depends on the service you are using. Normally it is not allowed to extend the duration of temp mail. Because once you reload the page the email will be gone and removed and a new email will be generated. And you can not recover the previous email

  7. Can I use a 10-minute email for account recovery?

    Yes, you can use it. But the thing is whether it is a good option or not. So we do not recommend using any temp mail service for password recovery. Always use your personal and regular email for password reset and recovery.

  8. Are 10-minute emails legal or illegal?

    10 Minutes Emails are totally legal to use and share. There is nothing wrong with using temp mail for good purposes like Sign-Up for an account on any online website. Participating in any contest or forum using a temporary email is totally fine.

  9. Do 10-minute emails work for online shopping?

    You can use 10 minutes email for order confirmations and shipping updates but it is not a good idea to use it as your primary email for online shopping. Because it is not recommended for customer support. Because if you have any issue with your online order you need to send an email to the online store and you can not find the email once you close the window.