Advantages of Using A 10 Minutes Email? Try It Today

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There are many advantages of using a 10 Minutes Email also known as Temp Mail or Temporary Email.

In this post, we are going to share all the major benefits of using a 10 Minutes Short-Time Email for all of your online shopping, social media Sign-Up, Comments, and forums participations.

Advantages of Using A 10 Minutes Email

There are many advantages and benefits of using a 10 Minutes Email. Here are the few useful advantages we are listing.

  1. Privacy and Anonymity
  2. Spam Prevention
  3. Saves Time
  4. Security
  5. Avoiding Unwanted Subscriptions
  6. Temporary Communication
  7. Avoiding Email Verification Hassles
  8. Testing and Trials
  9. Reducing Inbox Clutter
  10. Easy Setup
  11. Free and Accessible
  12. Avoiding Phishing Attacks

#1- Privacy and Anonymity

Using 10 Minutes Short-Term Email is a perfect way to keep privacy online. Today, keeping data and personal information secure online is a challenging thing. We have to use our personal data on many online platforms on a daily basis. Whether we are ordering anything online, creating an account on any social media website, or sign-Up for an Email Address. We have to provide our details including real name, contact number, real email address, and physical address, and if we are buying something we have to provide our debit and credit card details also.

If the website is using SSL Certificate which is a secure connection then it is ok to use details but still, they will collect all our data which they will use later to show ads and send promotional emails, etc.

There are companies who sell these data to bug companies who use these details to target their customers with online advertising. Because data is a really valuable thing in today’s world.

If you want to avoid all of these processes and do not want to share all of your details with anyone online, the only solution is to use a short-term email that allows you to send and receive emails. Also, allow you to receive OTP for verification.

At 10 Minutes Email we provide the best free Temp Mail service to our users who can keep their privacy hidden from the rest of the world and use our email service for all of their online important things.

#2- Spam Prevention

Spamming is another big issue we have to face on a daily basis once we share our email online on any website. As we mentioned above there are companies who gather such data and sell to big companies like Facebook, Google, Instagram, X formerly Twitter, etc. Who use these data to target the right customers in their ads.

If you are seeing an ad on your Facebook feed but you never show any kind of interest in that product, there is a high chance that you use your email anywhere which is also associated with your Facebook account.

You can avoid this kind of spam by using a disposable email address provided by 10 Minutes Email.

#3- Saves Time

Saving time is crucial while you are doing anything in your life.

As we all know about the very famous sayings about time.

Time Is Money


Yes, it is true.

No one wants to waste their time creating an Email every time when they have to perform a small task online.

For example, if I have to participate in any forum online for only once. I will never use my real email but I prefer to use a Temp Mail which lasts for a short time period. And I can do all the necessary things at that specific time. Once I complete my tasks I do not care about the email and it will throw into the waste, it will be deleted.

So this is the right way to save your valuable time. Instead of wasting time creating a new email from scratch.

#4- Security

Do you want only physical security or online security also?

Is someone asked me this question, my answer will be definitely both. I need online security more than offline. Because I know about all the consequences of not having bulletproof security online in today’s world.

If you are the kind of person who does a lot of online shopping and participates in online forums and discussion groups with all your real details. Your details might be stolen by big companies. There are a lot of such complaints reported in different areas of the world.

Use a 10 Minutes Email to secure your online data from third-party scammers and advertising agencies.

#5- Avoiding Unwanted Subscriptions

I never want to subscribe to those offers in which I have no interest. But still, when I open my email I see a lot of promotional emails. Did this happen to you also? I hope most probably.

I will tell you the reason why it is happening with you and also I will tell you the solution of avoiding unwanted subscriptions from now onward.

The main reason for such unwanted subscriptions is that you are using your real email ID everywhere online. Maybe you use it for connecting to the Wi-Fi in a shopping Mall or maybe you have used your real email address to comment on social media websites or any other online platform.

Once you put your real email the platform will save your email address and they will use it for future promotions and offers.

The solution is to use 10 Minutes Email. You can use it on any online website for all kinds of things you want. You can do online shopping, and you can comment on social media and other websites. You can create an account on Spotify with Temp Mail, etc.

#6- Temporary Communication

When I have to perform a small task on any online platform I will never use my real email address. I always prefer to use a disposable email address which allows me to send and receive emails instantly with the power of receiving OTP for verification. You can use our email service which will give you all these features in one place.

#7- Avoiding Email Verification Hassles

If you are also a user of Gmail, Yahoo, or any other famous email service you might face this issue of waiting for the verification email. It happens to all of us most of the time. Especially when we are in a rush and do not have time and we do not want to wait but to receive the OTP it take a lot of time.

We brought a solution. Our free email service 10 Minutes Email will allow our users to receive instant verification OTP. In case it will take time you can generate another email to receive fast verification email.

#8- Testing and Trials

If you are a software developer this can be the best thing for you. I know that software developers have to test their software on many online websites which they need to Sign-Up every time.

It is a time taking and irritating process, even sometimes it is impossible to create an account every time. Because most of the websites ask for mobile number also.

You can use a short-term email service to bypass all these steps and test your software for free and without making an account.

#9- Reducing Inbox Clutter

My email inbox become full many times before I was aware of Temp Mail. I was also one of those who use my real email address everywhere online. Later I had a flood of emails from unknown sources which include promotional emails, some of them trying to sell their services that I do not need ever, and many other kinds of useless emails.

And when I have to receive an important email there was no space and I miss those important emails.

Now I am using 10 Minutes Email Service which allows me to keep my inbox clean and full of space for important emails only. Now I receive only important emails in my inbox without any promotional emails.

#10- Easy Setup

Setting up a temp mail is very easy and can be done in just a single step. All you have to do is go to the homepage of our website and give a user name and click on the Create button. Your email will be ready.

It is not like the traditional email creation process in which we have to give all our personal details.

#11- Free and Accessible

The best part of using a 10 Minutes Email service is they are 100% free to use and accessible from anywhere anytime. Other email services like Gmail and Yahoo are also free. But when you have to receive unlimited emails and you need unlimited free space they will ask you to buy a premium plan for that.

Also, you can not access them from anywhere unless you have the login details with you. If you are outside of your home or you do not have your laptop with you but you want to log in to your email you can not do that. So it’s good to use a Temp Mail Service.

#12- Avoiding Phishing Attacks

One of the biggest challenges in the online world is the kind of bad people who are sitting to break others’ privacy to get their details.

Many times users’ data were compromised online and millions of people’s personal details have been shared and sold on the internet. You can avoid your details being compromised and shared by such people by using our 10 Minutes Email. Because when you use a temporary email service you will not use any of your real data and information. So it will keep you safe always online.