Can We Recover 10 Minutes Temp Mail? [YES or NO]

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The short answer to recover a 10 Minutes Temp Mail is not possible.

Let me explain why recovering a temp mail is not possible.

The main reason is the time that such emails last. Hardly it will last for 10 minutes. After 10 Minutes the email will be removed or deleted automatically. There is a program that is running in the back-end which is written in such a way that the email should be deleted after the given time periods. So you can use that email only for a few minutes.

There are few Temp Mail services with 1-hour lasting time. But the majority are short-time emails.

Why 10 Minutes Temp Mail Recovery Is Not Possible?

Let’s suppose you have just created a Temp Mail and after a few minutes you close the window or refresh it for some purpose or mistakenly. Now what will happen the temp mail website will create a new email address for you and the previous one will be removed from its database entirely.

There will be no record of the old temp mail at all.

So think about how you can recover that. It is not like our regular emails which we can use for a lifetime and we can also recover the passwords and usernames if we forgot. We can recover our regular email using our mobile number if you have verified your number at the time of creating the email or you can use an alternate email if you set it as a recovery email at the time of email creation.

But in the case of Temp Mails, there are no such options.

What is The Solution?

The only solution is you need to keep the window open without doing reload the page.

Once you will reload the page it will again delete the email and generate a new one. And you can not get the old email.