Top 5 Best 10 Minutes Email Google Chrome Extension [UPDATED LIST]

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If you are looking for a readymade list of the top 5 best 10 Minutes Email Google Chrome Extension you are at the right place.

In this post we are going to share the latest updated list of the top 5 Google Chrome Extensions made for 10 Minutes Email AKA Temp Mail or Temporary Email Service.

We have already written a detailed article on the advantages of using 10 Minutes Email which you can read by following the link. Once you read those blogs you will come to know the importance of using a Temporary Email address nowadays. In today’s digital world having an Email address is crucial. Just like we cannot imagine our life without an internet connection, same we cannot imagine our life without having an email address.

Because everything we want to do online requires an email address.

For example:

  1. For online shopping email address is necessary
  2. Making an account on a social media website needs an email address
  3. Participating in the forum also need an email address to log in and sign-up
  4. Submit form for admission to a college or university needs an email address
  5. Applying for a job also needs an Email address

When we need an email address for all these tasks which is important for us. There are also other things for which we use email like subscribing for a newsletter, any website subscription, etc. These are not particularly important for us, somehow, we can ignore them.

But using our personal email on these websites can send us a lot of promotional emails later which we do not want to receive just to fill our inbox.

Here the concept of 10 Minutes Mail came into play.

Instead of visiting a website like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc there is an effortless way to make an email which you can use for sending and receiving emails called 10 Minutes Email or Temp Mail, Temporary Email.

Here we are going to list some of the best Google Chrome Extensions which you can install in your Chrome browser. These extensions will make your job easier to use temp mail.

Best 10 Minutes Email Google Chrome Extension

  1. Temp Mail Pro by
  2. Temp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email
  3. Temp Mail – Edu Email
  4. 10 Minutes Email – 10 Min Disposable Email
  5. Ew, Mail

#1- Temp Mail Pro by

Temp Mail Pro is one of the best and most trusted sources for getting a Temporary Email Address. The Chrome Extension for Temp Mail Pro is still under development but you can get the extension from their official website here.

#2- Temp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email

Another famous Temp Mail Google Chrome Extension is from Temp Mail itself. Using their extension will make it much easier to create a disposable email without leaving the browser tab you’re working on. This is the best feature of having a Chrome Extension.

Temp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email Extension Details

Extension NameTemp Mail – Disposable Temporary Email
Active Users100,000+ users
Available LanguagesAvailable in 17 languages
Official Website

Temp Mail officially claims that using their email service can keep you safe and secure from different kinds of online fraud and spam. Also, you can keep your personal email inbox clean from unwanted promotional emails if you use their temp mail service.

You can give it a try.

#3- Temp Mail – Edu Email

Edu Mail means educational emails.

Such emails can only be allocated by educational institutes as they have EDU domains.

Schools, colleges, and universities give their students and staff such emails so they can use them to get access to all the available educational resources online. Big companies who help to educate people around the world give access to such students in their libraries. So students can study any kind of book by from any part of the world.

This is the best way of distance learning.

Temp Mail – Edu Email Chrome Extension Details

Name of ExtensionTemp Mail – Edu Email
Active Users700+
Available LanguagesEnglish
Official Website

#4- 10 Minutes Email – 10 Min Disposable Email

10 Minutes Email is another famous temp mail service that also has a Google Chrome Extension you can use. They also claim a free and fast temporary email service just like their website.

According to their official website huge traffic their website who use their service and create an unlimited number of temp mail on a daily basis. To make it more user-friendly they created a Chrome Extension so users can manage their emails from the same tab they are working on.

10 Minutes Email – 10 Min Disposable Email Extension Details

Name of Extension 10 Minutes Email – 10 Min Disposible Email
LanguagesAvailable in 3 languages
Official Website

#5- Ew, Mail

Ew, Mail is in fifth place and the last best Google Chrome Temp Mail Extension in our list. The complete source code of this email service is available publically on GitHub which you check if you want.

GitHub Source Link:

Ew, Mail Chrome Extension Details

Name of ExtensionEw, Mail
GenreEmail, Tool
Offered By vantezzen
Last Update1 January 2020
Official Website