Why It’s Important to Maintain a Clean Email Inbox? Use 10 Minutes Email

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The answer to this question may be different for everyone based on their priorities and the experience they had in their past. But few things might be the same for all Email users and there is a high chance that all regular email users can face this issue regularly.

In this post, we will share the importance of maintaining our email inbox clean by using 10 Minutes Email Services.

We will give you all the possible ways and benefits of keeping your email inbox clean and avoiding junk, useless, and promotional emails.

Important to Maintain a Clean Email Inbox

A clean email inbox is crucial for better communication with our clients, office colleagues, or other professionals.

Let me explain to you in detail what happened with a full of junk email inboxes.

You will miss a lot of important emails if your email inbox is full of useless and promotional emails. You need to get rid of such emails as soon as possible. You will miss an email from your HR in which you may receive the good news of your promotion, or you may miss an email in which your client is sending you a bonus because he is happy with your work.

Or it is also possible you may miss an email from your company in which they are asking for an explanation about your last month’s performance report. It can be anything. But you can afford to miss any kind of such an important email.

Before going to the solution let me tell you why it is happening to most of us.

Why Our Personal Email Inbox Is Full of Useless Emails?

The main reason is we are using our personal email everywhere on online websites.

On social media, forums, doing reviews, and for many other reasons. Once you use it the platform will receive your email and they will save it in their database so they can use it later for sending promotional emails. Or they can sell it to marketing agencies and they will start sending you cold emails about promotions, trying to sell their products, etc.

If you check your email promotion list you can see a lot of such emails there to which you didn’t subscribe before but still, you are getting emails. This is because you may use it on any other platform but somehow these companies manage to get your email with thousands of others also.

The Solution

The only solution to avoiding junk and random promotional emails is to avoid using personal email everywhere online.

But I know we have to use our email for many purposes on a daily basis. To overcome this problem we introduced our modern free 10 Minutes Email Service. You can use this for 100% free and unlimited.

Why 10 Minutes Email?

Like a regular email, you can send and receive emails and also verify OTP instantly with our free temporary email service. Additionally, it is very fast, so you can save time in sending and receiving emails from anywhere.

Our email service is supported by most of the famous online platforms including social media websites, and online shopping websites like Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc., which means you can order anything online sing our Short Term Email Service.

Using such an email service can keep your email inbox clean and away from junk emails. This is a short-term period email so it will be deleted after the given time period.

How To Use 10 Minutes Email Service For Free?

10 Minutes Email
  1. Open our website https://10minutesemail.email/
  2. Choose a user name to make your temporary email and choose the domain from the dropdown on the right
  3. Click on the Create button next to the domain name
  4. You can see the emails ready
  5. Use it where you want. In the below box, you can receive the email notification where you can open and read the email
  6. You can change the email user name by refreshing the page or you can delete the email to make a new one.

FAQs About Clean Email Inbox

  1. Is it possible to keep our regular email inbox clean and use it only for receiving important emails?

    Yes, you can. All you need is a 10 Minutes Temp Mail which you can use for other purposes instead of using your personal email address everywhere online.

  2. Why do I need to keep my personal email inbox clean?

    Keeping our personal email inbox clean is crucial to avoid unnecessary emails. Having a flood of spammy and promotional emails can be a reason for missing our important emails as well.